I Deliver high quality graphic design solutions
that translate across all media.

with over 18 years experience

my skills

With ample experience, skill, dedication, and professionalism I can help take your idea or project to the next level. I Deliver design solutions that translate across all media. My various design works include, but are not limited to, the design and production of logos, business packages, style guides, POP displays, catalogs, promotional/marketing items, packaging, brochures, newsletters, storefront displays, email Ads/blasts, website design, user experience design, social media marketing design, and illustration.

  • logo design

    Creating a timeless, recognizable image while representing your product or service.

  • illustration

    Depicting a story presented with illustrations determines whether a text will be noticed and read.

  • print design

    Enhancing your message through print ads, brochure design, business cards, signage and more.

  • website design

    Attracting and holding your target audience by constructing a stable, visually appealing website.

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  • Eiffel Graphics
    Lisa Wiant, Graphic Designer/Illustrator

    Office Location: San Diego

  • (619) 971 - 1946

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